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About California Scents

The California Scents story began in 1993 when the company launched the world’s first organic fragrance oil air freshener in recyclable metal cans. From humble beginnings the company has grown into a global business with Energizer Holdings (the battery manufacturers) serving as its parent company. Despite having grown in size exponentially California Scents is still based in Irvine, California and is still using high-quality organic ingredients in all its products. In addition to their car and home air freshener products the company also manufactures a range of professional-grade janitorial products with the same focus on organic ingredients, quality, and environmentally friendly packaging.

Why Buy California Scents

California Scents makes a wide range of scents to suit every taste. The strength of their air fresheners is adjustable thanks to the simple yet effective design of the containers that they come in. Simply open the can a little for a hint of scent or remove the lid entirely to cover stronger smells. With 32 different scents encompassing fruits, sea breezes, and fresh linen the California Scents range has something for everyone.

In addition to the pleasant and refreshing scents mentioned above California Scents also produces air fresheners specially formulated with their Smoke Away scent to neutralise the smell of cigarette smoke. All California Scents air fresheners are spill-proof and their ingredients and packaging show the company’s commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. The air fresheners are also great for use in your home or office.

The California Scents Range

California Scents makes a wide range of products to make the air around you more pleasant. Their famous organic oil tins are available with 32 different scents to make your car, home, or office a nicer place to be. The company also sells odour-eliminating mists, visor clip air fresheners, rear-view mirror hangers, vent sticks and vent clips to make sure you’ll never have to put up with unpleasant smells again. Use the parts finder above to find the right California Scents product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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