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King Springs

King Springs is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs and, from their headquarters in Queensland, are a global provider of coil springs for all manner of vehicles and uses. Whether you own a daily-driver that sits just a little too high, a 4WD that needs a bump in ride-height, a performance car requiring stiffer springs for better handling or something for out-and-out motorsport use, King Springs have a coil spring to suit you.

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Why Buy King Springs

There are several reasons why you might want to change the coil springs in your vehicle for new items from King Springs. The first would be based around lowering a vehicle's ride-height to improve handling by lowering the centre of gravity. Another reason to change springs would be if your standard springs have sagged over time if you need additional ground clearance for a commercial vehicle carrying or towing hefty loads, or owners of 4WD off-road vehicles needing extra height to negotiate tricky terrain.

King Springs achieve quality results because everything from the initial material processing, winding and heat-treatment through to powdercoating and final finishing is performed in-house - the end result are springs that perform better for longer. All of King Springs' products are extensively tested in the lab, on the road and at the racetrack and are backed by extensive use in many motorsport categories across the globe - King Springs won't let you down!

The King Springs Range

As with all of King Springs' products, their 'ProSport' aftermarket coil-over springs are manufactured in state-of-the-art X5K steel in order to achieve exacting performance with minimum overall mass. For a blend of comfort and performance, King Springs 'Progressive Rate' springs feature a tapered wire progressive rate design which give you the best of both worlds, the spring behaves close to the original rate under normal conditions and only increases in spring-rate when the extra stiffness is actually needed. Both the 'ProSport' and 'Progressive Rate' springs are available in an astonishing number of rate, height and diameters to suit a truly immense number of applications - the Parts Finder on the Automotive Superstore website can help you determine suitable options for your vehicle - or just contact us for specific fitment advice.

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