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Your car needs help to work right and make every ride a pleasant experience. And when it comes to keeping your engine well-oiled, there’s nothing like Liqui Moly. Dating back to 1957, Liqui Moly was founded in Germany and they patented the production of molybdenum disulfide, a substance even fighter jets needed. And when it came to their company of choice, they picked Liqui Moly.

Why Buy Liqui Moly

Whenever you drive, you necessarily tear pieces off of your car’s engine. This is due to friction which is the main cause behind frequent oil check-ups and changes. And while oil will take you and your engine far, it won’t reduce friction as much as you need. This is where Liqui Moly’s assortment of products come in.

They’re oil additives that reduce friction with the help of a compound called molybdenum disulphide (MoS2). They chemically bond with the metal of your engine and smooth out the surface so there’s less wear & tear. By working together with oil, they enhance motor oil’s lubrication quality.

Liqui Moly’s products are suitable for all kinds of engines (petrol, diesel, LPG) – even supercharged and turbocharged engines. The MoS2 oil additive is also very effective at protecting your car during situations of low oil pressure, towing, off-road driving, and even racing.

If you start using Liqui Moly’s fuel additives, you’ll notice that your engine is generating less heat and running smoothly. You’ll even be saving money as Liqui Moly’s oil additives reduce fuel consumption.

Liqui Moly’s Product Range

Liqui Moly is a solid choice for keeping your engine working perfectly. In addition to their most famous product, motor oil with MoS2, Liqui Moly offer a variety of other products. If you need a fuel system cleaner, they offer a variety of products for that exact purpose. They also offer products for brakes and other parts of your vehicle.

As a specialist offering German quality standards, Liqui Moly will ensure that your vehicle is in perfect shape in all conditions. To find the right product for you, contact our Automotive Superstore crew or use the search bar to browse by vehicle type.

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