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Safari Snorkel

The Safari Snorkel was developed in Australia during the 1980s to provide a simple and highly effective solution to the problem of dust and water making their way into 4X4 engines while off-roading. Perfectly suited to its task, the Safari Snorkel elevates a vehicle’s air intake out of the way of these troublesome substances to keep everything running nice and dependably. The Safari Snorkel is researched, tested, and manufactured in Australia making it perfect for anything the country’s terrain can throw at it.

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The Safari Snorkel is designed to work with every popular model of 4X4 that you’re likely to come across anywhere in Australia and around the rest of the world. It delivers a continuous supply of cooler air to your vehicle’s engine aiding better performance and is the two-time winner of the best aftermarket product of the year award presented by 4X4 Australia Magazine. The Safari Snorkel is sold the world over as it protects against heavy snow as well as the aforementioned dust and water.

Why Buy Safari Snorke

All Safari Snorkels are constructed from UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene and feature fixtures and fittings that are as tough as the rest of your 4X4. That UV-stable polyethylene allows the Safari Snorkel to boast a 20+ year expected service life with its tight seal guaranteeing that nothing unwanted will make its way down into your engine. The Safari Snorkel is simple and reliable which is exactly the kind of qualities you want in 4X4 equipment.

The Safari Snorkel’s clever design allows its Air Ram to rotate so that you can turn it away from strong winds that may clog it with heavy snow as well as a built-in water separator to keep rainwater out of the air intake system during even the heaviest tropical rain. Through simple and ingenious design the Safari Snorkel is just as at home in snowy mountain driving as it is in a rainforest or a desert environment. The Snorkel is easy to install and the benefits can be felt immediately.

The Safari Snorkel Range

Safari Snorkels are designed to work with all varieties of popular 4X4s ensuring that you can guarantee your engine a supply of fresh, clean air wherever your off-roading adventures take you. Use the parts finder above to find the right Safari Snorkel product for you or contact us and let one of the Automotive Superstore product specialists help you today!

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